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Agents used in the waste water treatment system

Common-used agents:

(1)Flocculant: sometimes referred to as coagulant. It can be used as an intensified means of solid-liquid separation for primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, flotation tank, tertiary treatment and advanced treatment process.

(2)Coagulant aids: to assist the flocculant and strengthen the coagulate effect.

(3)Conditioning agent: referred to as “dehydrant”. It can regulate the remaining sludge before dehydration. The conditioning agent contains some of the above flocculant and coagulant aids.

(4)Demulsifying agent: sometimes be referred as destabilizing agent. It is mainly used for the pretreatment of the waste water that contains emulsified oil before air floatation. The demulsifying agent contains some of the above flocculant and coagulant aids.

(5)Defoamer: to remove a large amount of foams that produced during the process of aeration and mixture.

(6)PH regulators: to adjust the PH value of acid and alkali wastewater to neutral.

(7)Reductant-oxidant: It is used for the industrial wastewater containing oxide and reduzate.

(8)Sanitizer: for the disinfection treatment after treatment of the wastewater or before reuse of the treated water.

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