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Process selection principles for energy-saving sewage

1) The treatment process of municipal sewage shall be decided according to treatment scale, water quality features, environmental function of receiving water and local actual condition and requirements as well as after comprehensive technical and economical comparison.
2) The main technical and economical index for process selection includes: water volume investment by treatment unit; investment on pollutants reduction by the unit; water volume, power consumption and cost of the treatment unit; power consumption & cost, floor area, reliability of running performance, difficulty degree of management and maintenance and overall environmental efficiency, etc concerning pollutants reduction by the unit.
3) To learn sewage water inlet quality based on actual condition and optimizes process design parameter. Detailed investigation or measurement shall be done on current water quality features and pollutants composition of the sewage in order to give reasonable analysis and prediction. Dynamic test on sewage water treatment process is necessary in case of complex or special water quality composition. Pilot test and research is required if necessary.
4) Adopt high-efficient and economic new process in an active and careful manner. Pilot test and production test is necessary for new process first applied in China in order to provide reliable design parameter before application. 

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