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Process Technology of Sewage Energy Saving Treatment System

Biological Treatment
The processing technology adopted in the biological treatment includes: the primary, secondary and deep treatment method of urban sewage such as oxidation pond, Carrousel, alternative, Orbal, Phostrip method, Phoredox method, SBR method, AB method, biological fluidized bed, ICEAS method, DAT-IAT method, CASS(CAST,CASP)method, UNITANK method, MSBR method, A/O method, A2/O, A3/O, UCT method, ⅥP method, UASB method, integrated biochemical method, aerobiotic sewage treatment, biological fluidized bed sewage treatment, immobilized cell technology sewage treatment, biological iron method, auxin addition method, integrated biochemical and filtering method, flowing carrier addition method, deep well aeration method, biological rotary method, biofilm method of tower-typed biological filter.

Circulation Intermittent Aeration
The circulation intermittent aeration process not only exerts the advantages of high treatment efficiency in high load oxidization ditch, but also fully utilizes good effluent of sequencing batch activated sludge process. So, it ensures the effluent of the system meets the national grade 1 sewage discharging standard in the removal of organic containments. Comparing with the secondary biological sewage treatment system removing the organic containments, the investment and operating charges are lowered about 30%. So, it is the processing technology suitable for the current sewage treatment in China.

Rotating Contact Oxidation
Based on the biological rotating disc technology, the rotating contact oxidation sewage treatment process is the new generation of aerobic film processing technology combining with the character of biological contract oxidization technology. The rotating contact oxidation sewage treatment processing technology and complete equipment provide a kind of simple and reliable sewage treatment method. The spindle in the whole sewage treatment system is the only rotating part. Once the machine is broken down, the common mechanical operator can repair it. The system biomass will automatically compensate according to the changes of organic charges. The microorganism added to the rotary table is living. When the organic matters in the sewage increase, the microorganism will relatively increase. On the contrary, when the organic matters in the sewage decrease, the microorganism will relatively decrease. So, the work efficiency of the sewage treatment system are not easy to be affected by sudden changes of flow and charges and power failure. The lower running charges are only 1/8—1/3 of power consumption in other aeration sewage treatment system. The occupying area is only half of that common activated sludge method. Because there are many kinds of microorganisms in the biological system, it can high-efficiently all the process degradation-resistant industrial sewage. 

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